Important NEWS!

first of all

My tablet got damaged, something one can expect from working so much, it is not broken tho, still functional, but the layer that protects the working area (the area that detects the pen) got screwed and I need to fix it so I don’t do any real damage to it I will make a home made replacement but it will take some time till  I get the original part.

With that said, the user’s monthly image will be moved to next week, how ever this week’s update will be of a comic page, to be more specific, a brand new side comic, done by Bitten hard, so we still get a new update!

as for the past week, you already knew I was going to work on the video game, that;s the reason we didn’t get an update then, but good news is, we have everything ready to start building the demo! animations will take a bit to finish but its the only thing that’s left to do and the animator already has all the material he needs to finish all the cycles, so that’s great news!, if all goes well we should have the first alpha test of the demo by the end of the year! This is also great because my part in the demo is pretty much done, unless the animator needs something else, but that will be just small details, any way, with my work done, this will allow me to focus on the website 100% again! and I’m very happy about that, really.

We will implement a couple of general changes here too:

the user’s monthly contest wont happen every single month, as much as I would like, this is to focus more on the comics, which are the main attraction here.

the standard page count for the comics will be 16, this will let us do almost 3 comics per year (and make a nice book out of them in the future, hopefully), which was my original goal since the beginning, I say almost, because I’m not a machine and need to rest some times taking small “vacations” now and then, do not worry tho, I will notify you when ever that happens, as I always do.